How to Decorate a Bicycle Theme Nursery

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If you want to encourage your baby to be outdoorsy and athletic, creating a space with bicycles as the inspiration will get him off on the right foot. The color palette for this theme is wide open – any color you’ve ever seen on a bike is fair game. You can stick to a classic black and white theme to represent a white bike frame and black tires, or include brighter shades.

Picking Fabric
Get fabric with the image of vintage bicycles on it and use it to make throw pillows for the room. The pillows can be used as accents on your rocking chair or at the foot of the crib. If you’re not handy with a sewing machine, has multiple vendors who sell pre-made bicycle pillows, many of which are small enough to fit right in to a nursery. If you can find bicycle sheets for the crib, that’s great, but if you can’t — take one of your pillows with you to go bedding shopping and use the colors from the pillow to choose a bedding set that matches.

Creating Fun Wall Art
Sure, you can stick a bicycle wallpaper border on your walls, but why not be more elaborate? Get a projector or very large flashlight and an actual bicycle. In the evening, or when there is limited natural light in the room, place your projector behind the bicycle so that a shadow of the bike appears on your wall. Trace the image with a pencil to create a pattern that you can paint later. Once the entire bike is traced, use a paint brush to fill in the lines. You can either trace the entire bicycle, or project the shadow in a corner so that only half the bike gets traced on the wall.

Think about the accessories that go on a bike when you decide what to include in the nursery. Get bike baskets and nail them to the wall to use as storage. Use thin ribbons, which are similar to the streamers often hung from the side of bike handles, and tie them around the crib posts. If you can get some old bike wheels, you can even hang them from hooks on your wall or from the ceiling in one corner. Other bike accessories to include are bells, bike seats, and pedals.

Display Family Photos
If you’re lucky enough to have a childhood photo of yourself on your first bike when you were a kid, dig it out and frame it for the room. If you are an avid biker, you might also include more recent images of yourself on a bicycle trip or finishing a race. When your little one takes her first bike ride, you can add her photos to the wall.


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