How to Create a Dr. Seuss Nursery

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Dr. Seuss has been a favorite story teller for many years. His characters are whimsical and strange, while still imparting thoughtful messages. A Dr. Seuss nursery will be silly and fun for both you and baby. Whether you recreate an entire book cover on one of the walls, or introduce the characters in accessories and framed book covers, your nursery will definitely be a fun place to be.

No Dr. Seuss nursery would be complete without a representation of some of the author’s most well-known and insightful quotations. Get stencils and paint the quotes right on the wall, or print them out on colorful paper and frame them for the wall. Choose one quote to feature over the crib or on a prominent wall, and then make the other quotes smaller. Since the writing in Dr. Seuss is often shown on the page in whimsical form, you don’t need to worry about writing the letters in a straight line. In fact, it’s actually more in keeping with the theme to display the quotes in curvy lines, or however they are actually written in the book.

Choose Characters
Dr. Seuss has many characters, so you won’t be able to present them all in the room. Stick a few instead. It not only makes it easier to find decorations, but it makes it easier to get a uniform color story in the nursery. If you have twins, Thing One and Thing Two from “The Cat in a Hat” are an appropriate choice. Other characters that make a good inspriation include Horton the elephant from “Horton Hears a Who!” for either a girl or boy, Cindy Lou Who from “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” for a little girl, and Sam from “Green Eggs and Ham” for a boy.  You can also use just the characters from a single story. Paint the character on the walls, or, if you are not good with hand painting, get a blown up image of the characters and stick them on the wall with tape or poster putty.

Premade Dr. Seuss bedding is available, so and obviously a good choice for your nursery, even if it introduces a new character. If you can’t get this bedding, use a color that complements your characters. For example, if you use Cindy Lou Who as your inspiration, get pink bedding that matches her dress and tie red bows on the crib that match her hair bows.

The nature of Dr. Seuss stories is whimsy, weirdness, and fun, so goofy furniture is in order in this theme. Get a white dresser and paint it a vivid color, like yellow or red. Paint Dr. Seuss sayings or characters on each drawer. For instance, if you have four drawers, paint “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” on the dresser, with one line on each drawer. Take a pattern from Dr. Seuss, like the red and white stripes from Sam’s hat, and paint it along the side of your changing table or a side table.

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